San Francisco, CA

The 33rd Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival

Saturday & Sunday, July 1 & 2, 2017
Fillmore Street ~ Jackson to Eddy
San Francisco, CA
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM



Participant Exhibitor Type Space #
Latch, So & Hipp Chiropractic Small Commercial Business 1406
Jiduhuang Handmade Artist 1408
NomNomNow Inc Small Commercial Business 1409
Charlie Frank’s Pies Handmade Artist 1410
Head 2 Toe Handmade Artist 1411-13
Rx Candles SF/Island Memories SF Handmade Artist 1412
JDN73 Handmade Artist 1416
National Asian American Coalition Non Profit 1417
Asian American Donor Program Non Profit 1418
NYS Collection Eyewear Small Commercial Business 1420 & 2012
Harvest Hair Boutique Handmade Artist 1421
Yankee Hawker Handmade Artist 1422
Tsering Jewelry Handmade Artist 1425
Comcast California Region Xfinity Sponsor 1426 & 2202
Clark’s Handmade Gifts Community Booth 1430
Your Scents/JHS International Community Booth 1432
Toliver Works Community Booth 1434
Avocurl Community Booth 1436
Entermus Blues Art Community Booth 1438
Pathfinder Well Care Community Booth 1442
Val’s Hosiery Community Booth 1444
Sensational Art Community Booth 1448
Kiss My Skin Products/Romantic Memoirs & Extravagant Gifts) Community Booth 1450
Le Paris Petit Handmade Artist 1523
Holiday Wholesale/Importer Artist 1525
SFOG/The Hardwear Store Wholesale/Importer Artist 1528
Bapsons LLC Wholesale/Importer Artist 1529
SF JAZZ Non Profit 1530
The High Thai Handmade Artist 1532
Less is More Jewelry Handmade Artist 1533
A Better Way Non Profit 1534
NaturesTech, Inc Handmade Artist 1536
Arts Africains Wholesale/Importer Artist 1537
San Francisco Police Department Non Profit 1538
Rashon’s Rings & Accessories Wholesale/Importer Artist 1539
NIKIIBLAK Handmade Artist 1540
Red Bay Coffee Community Booth 1542
Diamond Foods, Inc./Kettle Brand Chips Sponsor 1600 block
El Sur Food Truck 1600 block
SunPower Sponsor 1600 block
Passione Pizza Food Truck 1600 block
Curate Sponsor 1600 block
Falbrecht Studios Handmade Artist 1707
Winning Ways Sponsor 1708
Greenovia Shop Handmade Artist 1709
Babushka Art Wholesale/Importer Artist 1710
Jewelry on the Go Wholesale/Importer Artist 1711-13
S for Sparkle Handmade Artist 1712
PonCat Handmade Artist 1714
Patrick’s Famous Pies Handmade Artist 1715
Elusive Enterprize Wholesale/Importer Artist 1716
Andy Anh Ha Handmade Artist 1718-20
Fabrications Handmade Artist 1719
Ofina Handmade Artist 1917
Renewal by Andersen Bay Area Sponsor 1918
Sasha Samuels Handmade Artist 1920
Beksan Designs Wholesale/Importer Artist 1921
Cinderellas Handmade Artist 1922
Accessories with Love Handmade Artist 1923
Diva Pro Defense Wholesale/Importer Artist 1924
JWT Gnome Wholesale/Importer Artist 1925
San Francisco Chronicle Sponsor 1926
Coco Loco Jewelry Wholesale/Importer Artist 1929
Farm Fresh To You Sponsor 1930
Kritter Klips Handmade Artist 1931
Light Chasers Inc. Handmade Artist 1932
Smokin’ Mary Handmade Artist 1934
Alpaca and Jewelry by Karim Handmade Artist 1935
Metalsouls Handmade Artist 1936
Be One/ Nikonina Handmade Artist 1937
Ring Around the Toezees Handmade Artist 1938
Amos Goldbaum Handmade Artist 1940
Concepcion Handmade Artist 1941
Bella Jackson Studios Handmade Artist 1943
DJ Craft Handmade Artist 1944
Mandalevy Designs / Entropy Retail Handmade Artist 1945
Serefina Handmade Artist 1946
Apothecary’s Earthstuff Handmade Artist 1947
Sun Tropics, Inc. Sponsor 1948
Bobo Jewelry Handmade Artist 2003
Zip Car Sponsor 2004
Pako Lazo Handmade Artist 2005
Wearable Phantasy Handmade Artist 2006
Frederico Domondon Handmade Artist 2008
Spunky Punker Handmade Artist 2009
Pur Brand Honey Handmade Artist 2010
A.J. Hasz Enterprises Wholesale/Importer Artist 2011
Little Red Dot Kitchen Handmade Artist 2013
Wyndham Vacation Resorts Sponsor 2014
Nada Chair Wholesale/Importer Artist 2015
Ellis Eye & Laser Medical Center Sponsor 2016
Silly Yeti Handmade Artist 2017
Aquamarine Handmade Artist 2018
Pigs Fly Handmade Artist 2019
LuLaRoe Annie Corbett/ The Rise Pro Wholesale/Importer Artist 2020
Cali Bracelets Handmade Artist 2021
Deki Jewels Wholesale/Importer Artist 2022-2024
See.Saw.Seen Eyewear Small Commercial Business 2025
Small Planet Foods/Larabar and Food Should Taste Good Sponsor 2026
Judy Brandon Jewelry Handmade Artist 2027
Diamond Certified (American Ratings Corporation) Sponsor 2028
Ka-Kee Sales Small Commercial Business 2029
Jennifer Clifford Art + Design Handmade Artist 2030
The Tin Man Handmade Artist 2031
Baizaar Wholesale/Importer Artist 2032
LIX PERLE Accessories & Apparel Handmade Artist 2034
Wooly Rascals Handmade Artist 2035
Compass Rose Design Handmade Artist 2036
Paihia Mosaics Handmade Artist 2037
California Balsamic Handmade Artist 2038 Handmade Artist 2039
Head N Home Hats Handmade Artist 2040
Jerky Hut Handmade Artist 2041
Visit Mendocino County, Inc. Sponsor 2042
Bakpocket Products Wholesale/Importer Artist 2201
Dear North Small Commercial Business 2203
Haute Jewels Handmade Artist 2204
ARTNWORDZ Handmade Artist 2206
RESPLENDENCE Handmade Artist 2207
DASH Hemp Wholesale/Importer Artist 2208
Rick Shoots Photography Handmade Artist 2209
Kayoko Designs Handmade Artist 2210
Cellar Door Candles Handmade Artist 2211
Kate Harrold Photography Handmade Artist 2212
The West Bay Wholesale/Importer Artist 2214
T & T Hats Wholesale/Importer Artist 2215
Alter Images Handmade Artist 2216
Fama African Art Handmade Artist 2217
Tomomi Hamano Design Handmade Artist 2218
DC Pro Enterprise Inc. Wholesale/Importer Artist 2219
Nationwide/EAG Marketing Sponsor 2220
QD Designs Handmade Artist 2223
Diamond Resorts International Marketing Inc. Sponsor 2224
JuneStones Handmade Artist 2226
Hartstring Jewelry Handmade Artist 2227
Sulemana’s Baskets Wholesale/Importer Artist 2228
Simple Living Handmade Artist 2229
R & J Toffees Handmade Artist 2230
Waffles & Honey Jewelry Handmade Artist 2231
Kathy Kamei Designs Wholesale/Importer Artist 2232
Sweet + Sour Sensations Wholesale/Importer Artist 2233
Rocking the Clock Handmade Artist 2234
Free for Mind Handmade Artist 2235
An Urban Potter Handmade Artist 2236
Carolyn Simon Designs Handmade Artist 2238
Animal Instincts Apparel Handmade Artist 2239
Hilary Williams Handmade Artist 2240
End Malaria Now Non Profit 2241
Provident Credit Union Sponsor 2242
Breather Sponsor 2304
P.S. Design Handmade Artist 2305
Everything 4 U Collection Wholesale/Importer Artist 2306
The 60 Sec. Miracle Handmade Artist 2307
Collin Salazar Handmade Artist 2308
Bareket Design Handmade Artist 2309
Angelo Joyas / Stitch & Loom Handmade Artist 2310
Hebron Glass and Ceramic Handmade Artist 2312
Tofufu Handmade Artist 2313
Mistura Timepieces Handmade Artist 2314
TOA Handmade Artist 2315
Point506 Handmade Artist 2316
Elizabeth Todd Designs Handmade Artist 2317
Flea Market Girl Handmade Artist 2318
The Frame Factory Handmade Artist 2319
Primo’s Gourmet Food Company Handmade Artist 2323
Welk Resorts Sponsor 2324
Stay Up Movement Wholesale/Importer Artist 2325
Ray of Light Natural Beauty Handmade Artist 2326
The Clover Man Handmade Artist 2328-30
Emilio Sotelo Jewelry Handmade Artist 2331
Goorin Bros Handmade Artist 2332
Aufiero Inc. Wholesale/Importer Artist 2333-35 & 1423
Izzy Jewelry Box Handmade Artist 2334
Culture Shock Wholesale/Importer Artist 2336
Omni Products LLC Small Commercial Business 2337
Purity Organics Sponsor 2338
Crunch Fitness Sponsor A
Matagrano Sponsor Beverages
Sonoma Teriyaki Food Vendor F06-7 & F10
Liam’s Links Food Vendor F08
Sweet Delights Food Vendor F09
Samba Brazilian BBQ Food Vendor F11
Aroma Concessions Food Vendor F12 & F23-24
New Orleans Catering Food Vendor F13
Gourmet Faire Food Vendor F15-16
Hot & Sizzling Grill Food Vendor F17
Hawaii B.B.Q Food Vendor F18
Acropolis Food Vendor F27
Spice Affairs Food Vendor F28
The Roasted Corn Food Vendor F30

The Fillmore Merchants Association and Steven Restivo Event Services, Inc. are hosting the 33rd Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival.

Blending art and soul in one of the country’s most unique neighborhoods, the Fillmore Jazz Festival is the largest free Jazz festival on the West Coast, drawing over 100,000 visitors over the Independence Day weekend. From sunup to sundown, visitors can groove to the sounds of live music from multiple stages, browse the offerings of over 12 blocks of fine art and crafts and enjoy gourmet food and beverages. Asian to Cajun, paintings to pottery, old favorites and new directions, the Fillmore Jazz Festival is not to be missed.

To request accommodations for persons with disabilities or if you have communication needs such as large print, braille or sign language interpreters, please call 1-800-310-6563 or fax us at 415-456-6436 at least three weeks prior to the event.

For all your public transportation options, visit

Art Director: Arlene Owseichik
Illustrator: Reuben Rude




Festival pianos provided by Steinway & Sons, San Francisco